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Rafael Nadal Forehand Grip Revealed - Grip Tennis Instruction ...

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Rafael Nadal talks about playing with a small grip

Rafael Nadal talks about his racquet and playing with a small grip. During the interview, Rafael Nadal removed his racquet from his bag, and he realized he only had one racquet left in the bag.

Nadal Backhand - Analysis of the Rafael ... - Tennis Instruction

Nadal Backhand Grip Rafael Nadal is a left-handed player and the grip he employs in his dominant hand (the racket hand) is the Continental grip. The tennis grip he employs on his right hand (non-racket hand) is the Semi-Western grip.

Rafael Nadal's Forehand Grip Revealed - Essential Tennis

Yes, Nadal has the standard semi-western grip. Many people probably assumed that he has a full western just because his swing looks different. So it's a great video to clear the myth.

Forehand Grip- A Definite Guide On Tennis Forehand Grip

Well, the secret lies in the Nadal forehand grip which is a semi-western grip. No doubt, Nadal knows very well how to hit good forehands with an extreme grip that falls on bevel 4.5. Apart from using this extreme forehand grip, he hits the forehand with a straight arm.

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The Semi Western Grip - TheTennisBros.com

Both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal use something in between a semi-western and western grip, which makes topspin generation that little bit easier, but again, it’s about finding what is comfortable for you. Other famous names who use some version of the semi-western grip are Ash Barty, Andy Murray, Dominic Thiem among many others.

How to rewrap OverGrip on Tennis Racquet like Rafael Nadal ...

How to change replace rewrap grip tape on Tennis Racquet like Rafael Nadal doesRewrap grip tape tennis Replace grip tape tennisChange grip tape tennis

The case FOR a smaller tennis grip size: why Federer and ...

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Tennis Grips | Types of Grips Explained & Illustrated

For Nadal’s two-handed backhand, he uses a continental grip for his dominant hand and a semi-western grip for his non-dominant hand, which is a modification of the typical eastern grip for the non-dominant hand.